People in situations of social and nutritional vulnerability, assisted by more than 6,000 institutions registered in the Program, are a priority. These are long-term institutions for children and the elderly, community crèches, institutions for the care of the elderly, children, adults, drug addicts, homeless people as well as other populations in need of care.

Sesc Mesa Brasil does not provide a full meal, but it complements and reinforces the diet, adding nutritional value to the table of these people. To be part of the Program, institutions must meet some registration and enrollment criteria, and their permanence is subject to their participation in educational activities, permission for follow-up visits carried out by Program technicians and other activities that are previously agreed.

Emergency actions

Sesc Mesa Brasil also acts on an emergency basis, working with populations that are victims of catastrophes or public calamities of any kind. Supported by humanitarian logistics work, a great chain of solidarity is activated by Sesc and joined in by countless partners, whenever emergency situations occur in the country. The expansion of this model of action came in 2008 during the rains that hit Santa Catarina and, since then, it has been triggered whenever it’s been necessary. All activities are coordinated by Sesc Mesa Brasil, which mobilizes citizens and companies to help these people at risk.