Sesc Mesa Brasil

Currently, more than 14 million Brazilians are starving in the country (FAO 2017). In addition to that, Brazil is among the countries with the highest rates of food loss and wastage. That is a difficult equation to solve. How can there be hunger on one side and so much waste on the other? Since 1994, Sesc Mesa Brasil Food Bank Network has helped to change this picture. With the support of many partners, Sesc Mesa Brasil combats hunger and wastage, and transforms the lives of children, youth, adults and the elderly throughout Brazil. Learn more.

  • January to December 2019
  • 1.4 million
  • pessoas served
  • 40 million
  • kg of food distributed
  • 6.000
  • institutions assisted
  • 3.500
  • partner companies
  • 3.300
  • educational actions



You can help! Companies can offer different types of donations, including food and cleaning products, hygiene and services, such as transportation and advertising, as well as financial resources and other items. Click here and learn more.


You can spontaneously donate your time, work and talent for the common good, motivated by solidarity. Send a e-mail to and contact Sesc Mesa Brasil.

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