Sesc Mesa Brasil's work is based on partnership. Donors are the driving force of the Program and the beginning of a chain of solidarity actions.

In that way, companies exercise social responsibility and encourage their employees to engage in the  combat of food waste and the reduction of hunger in the country. Click here and get to know our partners.


Donating food or services is an act of social responsibility and strengthens the company's image with the public. Consumers nowadays identify themselves with organizations that practice the same values as theirs and they tend to be drawn to brands that are engaged in social, economic and environmental causes.

Besides such social return for the donor company, the partnership with Sesc Mesa Brasil offers the following benefits:

• Staff / employee training (educational actions);
• ​Reduction in expenses with the disposal of food and surplus products as well as products with no commercial value, but still fit for human consumption; • ​Exemption from VAT tax;
• Reduction in the cost of logistics for the allocation of products with no commercial value;
• Opportunity for corporate volunteering;
• Contribution to the quality and diversity of meals offered at social institutions.
• Shared promotion of the partnership.

Who can donate

Individuals, food industries, distribution centers, supermarkets, warehouses, retail chains, associations of rural producers, gas stations, printing, packaging and transport companies can all help Sesc Mesa Brasil.

How to donate

Please contact us via the following e-mail: 

What can be donated?

• Surplus foods or foods outside commercial standards, but still fit for consumption;
• Cleaning and personal hygiene products;
• Disposable packaging;
• Transport services;
• Volunteer work in operational and educational activities;
• Financial resources;
Other services.