Sesc Mesa Brasil is a nationwide network of food banks that works against hunger and wastage. More than 3,000 donor partners (rural producers, wholesalers and retailers, distribution, supply centers and food industries, as well as companies from different sectors of activity), who donate their surplus production, foods outside the standards of commercialization, yet safe and suitable for consumption. Financial resources, logistics services and voluntary action also add on to this solidarity program.

The program primarily serves people in situations of social and nutritional vulnerability who are assisted by registered social institutions. In addition, it also works on an emergency basis with humanitarian logistics work, mobilizing partners, collecting and distributing donations to people affected by calamities across the country.


→  Urban Harvest
Sesc Mesa Brasil’s team collects donations from partners and delivers them directly to the social institutions registered in the Program.

→  Food Bank 
Donations are collected and transported to Sesc Mesa Brasil facilities, where the food is packaged according to its conservation needs, then separated and made available for pickup by the social institutions. The selection, transport and storage of products follow hygiene and sanitary control standards.


Sesc Mesa Brasil’s work goes beyond food distribution. The program develops educational actions in the areas of Nutrition and Social Care, with the objective of promoting quality nutrition and food reeducation as well as strengthening the management of the social institutions assisted.

The educational dimension is a differential factor, since Sesc Mesa Brasil seeks to strengthen its work through the training of multiplying agents.

To this end, Sesc Mesa Brasil promotes activities such as courses, workshops and lectures to disseminate knowledge, exchange information and experiences with professionals, volunteers and beneficiaries of social institutions, as well as donor companies.